Adults' Programs

Coaching and Education for Adults

Coaching and Stress Management: Everyone has certain goals in life and a potential unfulfilled. With a wholistic approach, we work with you towards your achievement of your life goals one at a time and teach you techniques to deal with the daily stressors easing your way to success.

Career and Education: We help you choose a career, advance your education, apply jobs with a quality cv preparation and prepare for the interviews.

Communication Skills: Making friends or finding a romantic partner doesnot come easy for everyone. We work with your verbal and nonverbal skills that will help you express yourself effectively.

Family and Divorce Mediation: Divorce or any legal family issue do not necessarily have to be exhaustive. Through mediation, we make divorce process manageable by maintaining a collaborative relationship between you and your spouse.

Seminars and Workshops: We deliver speeches, workshops and trainings in desired topics about stress management, wellbeing, child development, teacher education and more.